Wave, upon wave, upon wave
Your conflicted madness swallowed me, with every rinse;

Every drop, I expect to meet with a new baptism, so show me a new religion;

Sweet Neptune, cover me in dew with all her sprites, and forgive me for cursing her kin;

My mistress, forgive thee!

I was ignorant, and lost within my own misdeeds of power,

but, ah, I have found you to be a god; and just like gods, you never cease to put a spark of relentless curiosity in humanity’s hearts,

To find their very own wave.


The Existing Existence

Mother Nature.
Rushing winds,hurricane fevers,tornado marriages,tsunami
See the breakneck waves,
Things,and people crashed,broken,and blistered.

Car crashes,engines running,gunning through oil and metal
Runners racing with extension of bone,grit,and the meat of muscle towards a line.

Human bodies, explosions,
Blood pumping,fear,confusion
Hearing screams, agony, paranoia.
Mourning, grief after loss.

Childbirth, a mother’s cry,and newborn screams,and cries.

Love,from one being to another. A first kiss,unions being made.
Words being said to hurt another.

Empty rooms.
Vacuum of space, lurching emptiness,
Black holes of loneliness.
Loneliness, turns into a dark,and gaseous nothing.


By MG. 2/25/2015

Coming Undone

the stains of disappointment.

I’ve tried to tie my shoes,
button my shirt,
And keep it all together.
My mind is losing my mind and I cannot keep it all in place.

Nothing seems to be lost,
It’s just me that’s scattered.

Excuse me,
I think I’m coming undone.
Can you help?

Love in the present

I love you in color,
I love you blind when the lights become dimmed, elusive in grey;
I love you when the world passes us by and refuses us;
I love you when you’re at your end and you need a moment alone,
I love you in the sunny, happy, and bright times of our present;
I love you in my own depressed heart, with it’s infinite melancholy heartbeats;
I live in love with you,and I breathe your loving, precious air,
I live and love for the enlightening tales of your mind;
I love the eternal moment between us,
I love that you are my everything;
My love,
I love who you are
I love you searching
And I love what you find

I love you. 

Inner thoughts(1)

I watch the sunrise, and I wish I would rise with it.
I watch the birds fly, and I wish I could fly with them.
I watch the world go by, and I wished I could go mindlessly by with it.

Massive anxiety attacks.
Feelings of isolation.

Inner dialogue:
Why do I feel so trapped?
I am free to go about as I please!
What is going on?
Feel better. Feel better. Feel better.

The world does not stop, and I feel the same.
Again,and again I have to brave the day.

Where’s the motivation?
Where’s the spark?

No support to the rescue.

Inner dialogue #1.


I told you this,I told you that;
Everything turns and turns,
And it grows.

Into endless darkness we spiral,and curl a cruel coil;
We tremble in one another’s win,and defeat.
Growing larger.

We spit,and spat.
Over this. Over that. More.

Nothing is new, and nothing remains old; except the lies I seemingly told. And more.

Give me the “green grass”, with a hint of “cloud with a silver lining”;
Because the sun does not shine here anymore.
Or any less.

I shall be washed clean with a new spring,
A new season,
And a new rain.
And more.

So,keep your wits about you!
Go! Cause your hurt and your pain!
And carry on while you still think you have much to gain.
And less.

Unless all is resolved,
It will remain the same damn thing.
And more.

© Marshana Green 2015

Mixed Emotions

Too much can be lost,if words are unspoken,

Lies, tossed around like bouncing fruit flies in summer air; resulting from the trash being thrown at the very scent of despair,

Comatose love, speeding intense, speaking intense emotions filling the pause with halted and edited reflections,

Move too fast, and move too slow; we can’t know the unknown,

Breaking down the up-way of a beautiful existence with you,

Crying, trying to elevate these feelings for you,

But, do you see it too?

Our mirrors continue to reflect the same, guiding light,

Desperately wailing, walling, crawling and growling to get out into the visible, and yet,we fail to release.

© Marshana Green 2014