These days,
I’ve lost the want
And not found the why

I isn’t I,
And I need to find
where I went wrong

When I am found,
I will be free
To roam

As one,
And not as three.

Unknown #3

I suddenly am aware,and I see everything
I’ve realized that my art,is solely my own,and no one can take it from me
I can only love my own art,and it matters not what others think
Believing in what you create, is a beautiful, courageous thing
Giving up sanity for art is also courageous
Be courageous in love and art
So go and create something today 

MG ★


Everything stops for unknown reasons,
Nothing matters,
Except for the closing and opening of your mind,
And it keeps me in line,
When you’re not around.
It all closes on me,
and I cannot confess it’s harming effects;
So for now,
I’m on hiatus.

MG ★

Unknown #2

Sadness washes me dirty again, and again
Sending the strangest of folks my way
causing my decline in the faith that is compassion
and leads me to a roadblock of mindless behavior
numbing myself before I, too, crash
And become washed clean
I want to be left alone in this world of my own
And no one can join the self parade of loneliness
I do not want your condolences
Or your confrontations
I am numb and I am fine

Unknown #1

Seclusion, delusion,
Insincerity, infrastructured dreams,
Undeveloped lives, broken into the dark;
Confusing answers from no answers, and answers that answer nothing.
Heartstrings tugged to the point of absence,
During death deeds are undone under undying dedication to days unknown.

☆MG 4/8/2015

My View

Primrose,evergreen-bled,leave-vines,crying and snailing their ways up a dead burnt grey-ashened wall; I see unnatural flowers in colors of almost neon blue,a tight-wink orchid pink,and a couple of cool violets;
I smoke a cigarette. The smoke gets into my eyes,and I turn violently around….thrashing in quick-fitted,swift pain; I look up to the night sky,and I see something…
Fluorescent lights ahead.
Exploitation is Sexy.
Sex is “IN”.
This might be interesting.  
Walking into a brightly lit store,my senses race along the counters,the walls filled with smut,snuff pornography; a blue-eyed,mussy haired man jeered at me from behind a high counter…..

© Marshana Green 2014

Let it go

Past tense, present tense, back tense,
Forward tense, sideways tense;

All around….tense.

It’s unclear, the kind of shaking reality that makes you whimper;

Words that are powerful, so powerful that they shake the day and the next;

1,2,3,4…. breathe.

An unsorted air lingers, and the fashion it fastens me in….is one of a sea-teal sickness;

Oh,what won’t you take? A loud, insecure voice, or the burning, rejected feeling of after…?

Quite the hypnosis you’re in, thinking you can beat the oppressive;one alone fighting demons is not easy.

You. Small, and unrealistic you.

Jumping hurdles,climbing the proverbial fences, and parting the seas for some….”unique love”;

You. Small, and unrealistic you. You can’t hold your head up high, because it may hold a higher status than

….hers,his, theirs.


Leaving behind all that is unfiltered,
Leaving you unclean because they think the world will never take you dirty;

Not knowing your own strength;
Having the courage to move in the ides of horrible storms,
Fighting off the monstrous emotional creatures that want to eat you alive;

Breaking through to the top,
Breathing again.
Being you again.
Believing again.

Reaching for the stars and seeing lights you only dreamed about;

That is letting go.