The Existing Existence

Mother Nature.
Rushing winds,hurricane fevers,tornado marriages,tsunami
See the breakneck waves,
Things,and people crashed,broken,and blistered.

Car crashes,engines running,gunning through oil and metal
Runners racing with extension of bone,grit,and the meat of muscle towards a line.

Human bodies, explosions,
Blood pumping,fear,confusion
Hearing screams, agony, paranoia.
Mourning, grief after loss.

Childbirth, a mother’s cry,and newborn screams,and cries.

Love,from one being to another. A first kiss,unions being made.
Words being said to hurt another.

Empty rooms.
Vacuum of space, lurching emptiness,
Black holes of loneliness.
Loneliness, turns into a dark,and gaseous nothing.


By MG. 2/25/2015

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