Let it go

Past tense, present tense, back tense,
Forward tense, sideways tense;

All around….tense.

It’s unclear, the kind of shaking reality that makes you whimper;

Words that are powerful, so powerful that they shake the day and the next;

1,2,3,4…. breathe.

An unsorted air lingers, and the fashion it fastens me in….is one of a sea-teal sickness;

Oh,what won’t you take? A loud, insecure voice, or the burning, rejected feeling of after…?

Quite the hypnosis you’re in, thinking you can beat the oppressive;one alone fighting demons is not easy.

You. Small, and unrealistic you.

Jumping hurdles,climbing the proverbial fences, and parting the seas for some….”unique love”;

You. Small, and unrealistic you. You can’t hold your head up high, because it may hold a higher status than

….hers,his, theirs.


Leaving behind all that is unfiltered,
Leaving you unclean because they think the world will never take you dirty;

Not knowing your own strength;
Having the courage to move in the ides of horrible storms,
Fighting off the monstrous emotional creatures that want to eat you alive;

Breaking through to the top,
Breathing again.
Being you again.
Believing again.

Reaching for the stars and seeing lights you only dreamed about;

That is letting go.

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